I spent 2 hours in the company of Lady Naila worshipping her perfectly formed size 4 feet. While Mistress sat comfortably in her chair I was instructed, with the help of her riding crop to lick her patent black stiletto shoe’s from the tip to the bottom of the heel. At one point I actually had the heel of her shoe in my mouth which I have to say felt amazing. Next I was allowed to remove her shoes to reveal those beautiful stockinged feet. My hands were shaking with excitement as I was  permitted to gently massage her feet but received a sharp tap on the hand with the keeper of her crop for not doing it quite right. Mistress then hitched up her skirt and told me to unclip her suspenders, She then rolled her stockings down until i was capable of completing the task. I can’t tell you of the ecstasy I experienced as I did so. For 10 minutes  I was just happy to watch her rub her feet together, spread her toes and wrinkle her souls. At this point I was visibly excited which didn’t go unnoticed. Mistress told me to lay down with my head facing her close to her chair so she could put both feet on my face. I was now in heaven…. adoring the scent and taste of her feet which were slightly obstructing my breathing leaving me in an even more euphoric state. Needless to say JOI followed giving me the most incredible orgasm. Can’t wait to see Lady Naila again.