After my recent appointment with Lady Naila I write to say what a wonderful session we had. Just being in the presence of this beautiful young lady for 1 hour was an honour. After my consultation I soon found myself standing naked in the middle of the playroom under inspection by a stunning latex clad Dominatrix. My body position rectified by the tap of her leather crop. As she slowly circled me I could smell that divine combination of rubber and perfume.

My first task was  to prepare the whipping bench which I duly did before being instructed to lay across the bench and position myself with my bare bottom presented correctly. My legs and arms were then secured during which I could feel Mistresses slippery latex touch my body as her long dark hair swept across my back. Next followed a warm up with her hand that left my bottom tingling and wanting more. We moved on to a leather flogger of which I received 12 strokes. In-between strokes Mistress teased me with her wit and spiteful sense of humour. A further 12 strokes were needed to take me to a space where I crave to be. That moment when pain turns to pleasure and nothing else matters. After that I was at Mistresses mercy. Which left me broken but content. After releasing me from bondage Mistress applied a cooling gel to my bottom which I could see in the mirror was glowing red. As I came to my senses and the cooling gel took affect I was left  in a state of euphoric contentment.

For me this was the most perfect session. Thank you Lady Naila.

CP Tom